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My Story

Hello, my beautiful friends!

My story is one of overcoming the biggest obstacles to reach wholeness, peace, happiness. And while I am by no means quite there, yet I am really happy now living the only life that I was destined to live.

No stranger to trauma, I was an angry young man. I ended up at a psychiatric hospital with a difficult diagnosis in my early 20s. Anxiety, various fears (fear of driving, flying, elevators, closed spaces, open spaces, you name it). Broken relationships, hopelessness, meaninglessness.

It was said that I would not get better. And the progress was very slow at first. But once I actively started on my healing journey -- things started to shift. That journey included hypnosis, energy modalities, mindfulness, meditation, shamanic work, and so on.

It was a scary dive into my past and I've had to face fears, demons and go into the darkest corners of my soul that I did not want to go to. At times I thought I wouldn't make it. Some of the things I've remembered -- there still are times I wish I never knew them about myself and I just drowned.

And yet -- here I am! It was not my intention to work with others when I started on this journey. But having gotten this far -- I realized I have learned some valuable tools so that I can help others. I took time to get a formal education in hypnosis and energy work but all the techniques I use -- I have used them on myself.

I went from suffering from debilitating fear of heights to climbing scary canyons in Arizona. I can work with many issues but I am especially passionate about any kind of fears, difficult memories that are better off forgot, relationship break ups.

If you're hurting -- I've been where you are. I grew up a compulsive caretaker so this is a nice outlet for my abilities, haha! If you're in a bad place and it seems like there's no hope -- I will do my best to help.

Thanks for listening, I hope to hear from you soon! Don't give up hope. No matter how hard times get, there's always hope, faith, and inspiration -- and tender tears, and love -- and life! 

Lots of love,


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