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Fear of Flying

Hello, friends!

Phobias are some of my very favorite things to work on.

I did learn quite a few techniques that work on anxiety and phobias in particular. However, I also suffered from an explained panic disorder for about 15 years and it was extreme -- fear of flying, fear of open spaces, fear of open spaces, just having anxiety and panic attacks out of the blue.

I've seen so many specialists ranging from the traditional to the occult. My case was probably in the worst 1% you can find. Great news! I don't have any fears or phobias anymore, haven't needed medication to manage my symptoms in years.

The great news is, I have gained what I believe is a very nuanced (SAT word, ha!) understanding of fears, how they work and various tricks I have learned to depotentiate them.

Each case is different, individual and I do have to play Sherlock Holmes a bit in order to resolve the issue at the root.

Whether it's a fear of spiders or airplanes, there's often something that happened in a client's childhood that triggered it, often without conscious awareness or memory of it or even a realization that it was in any way meaningful.

We try to do historical work to depotentiate those memories, then I use hypnotherapy, somatic and other techniques to help depotentiate it.

As someone who would rather be dead than fly -- I really understand the fear and helplessness that a phobia can bring. Luckily, I believe I can help.

Please contact me so we can discuss your case and I will do my very best to help. I am very motivated to make sure that no one has to through the discomfort I went through to do the things everyone else can do comfortably.

Contact me and let's chat! Your phobia fears me. =) 

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