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Why am I showing you these pictures?

Well, I used to be afraid of flying. Heck, I used to be afraid of looking down from a second story at the mall. I couldn't drive the car myself without anxiety.

See that picture on the left? I climbed that. The guy that was terrified of heights years ago climbed that with zero anxiety and encouraged others too anxious to climb. Whatever is limiting you -- YOU CAN OVERCOME IT. I didn't just learn about this from a book.

I walked that walk and I know -- it's not an easy one. But whatever

you're dealing with -- I have  probably been there -- personally -- and can help

you find a way out.

My main area of focus is emotional well being. So if you feel bad (to put it bluntly) -- I can make it feel better. It could be something you're going through right now, something heavy that happened in childhood, or something stressful you're preparing for. Whatever it is -- I can help.

One of my biggest specialties are fears (fear of flying, snakes, closed spaces, anything) and horrible memories. If something horrible happened to you and is impacting your well being today -- that's one of my specialties.

If you're having a hard time for any reason -- I can help you feel better.

If you're looking for someone to hypnotize you to stop smoking or lose weight in one session -- I am probably not your guy.

My specialty is emotional healing and well being. Also, needless to say, I am an alternative practitioner, I use a collection of techniques to achieve emotional wellness, healing and releasing heavy emotions and memories. One of my biggest personal healers is nature and she helps me quite a bit in my sessions too.

Areas of Focus:

Anxiety/Fear/Panic/Nervousness (this is a specialty of mine)

Excessive Sadness


Peak Performance

Pain Management

Painful Memories

Difficult Relationships

Lack of Self Confidence/Self Esteem


Feeling Lost/Stuck

Self Love/Self Acceptance

Finding The Right Career

Finding Meaning/Happiness/Peace

Finding Resilience

Sleep Difficulties

Public Speaking

Career Success


Study Skills

Exam Preparation and Focus

Creative Blocks



Techniques Used:

Mindfulness Coaching 

Indirect Hypnosis

Direct Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

Havening Technique

Guided Visualization

Guided Meditation

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Timeline Methodologies

Energy Methodologies

Personality Insights (MBTI, STRONG, CPI 260)

Scenario Hypnosis

Energy Work

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