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"Roman is a caring and committed teacher." 

Jaome Blay, Assistant Chief-- Fire Marshal

Santa Fe County Fire Department 

"Increased awareness, mindfulness, depth." 

Mindfulness and meditation had been a key tool of mine. I'm passionate to work with individuals and organizations in order to build
resilience, self awareness, compassion, while achieving goals.

I'm a Trained mPEAK Coach at University of San Diego at CA, Trained, Trained MBRP Mindfulness Coach and Certified in Mindfulness by MCT.

I have over 200 hours of formal mindfulness instruction training at UCSD, years of regular meditation practice, as well as a passion for helping people manage stress, achieve resilience, fortitude, happiness, and optimal health/performance.

The mPEak course, taught as an intensive over the course of 3 days or spread out over 8 weeks is a powerful tool designed for people in high stress/high performance jobs in order to avoid burn out, maintain performance, and manage their health.


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