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Santa Fe Hypnotherapy

by Roman

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy by Roman | Certified Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach
Santa Fe Hypnotherapy by Roman | Certified Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach
Santa Fe Hypnotherapy by Roman | Certified Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach

Looking for hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, NM?

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy by Roman specializes in hypnotherapy, mindfulness coaching, and somatic techniques to help with anxiety, fears, self-esteem, and similar issues.

My name is Roman and I'm a hypnotherapist, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and UCSD trained mindfulness coach practicing in person in Santa Fe, NM and virtually all over the world..

A few of my specialties are improving self esteem, anxiety, fears (fear of flying, driving, etc), confidence, motivation, personal/professional relationships, negative thinking, career success, pain management, public speaking, stage fright, performance anxiety -- and many others.

I use a combination of mindfulness coaching, conversational hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, direct hypnosis,
somatic techniques like Havening and reiki to achieve optimal results for my clients.

Most of all, I'm passionate about helping you feel your best, love yourself, accomplish goals and be the amazing human being you were born to be.

If you're looking for a hypnotherapist in Santa Fe -- it is my honor to be of service.


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Havening Techniques
MBTI Certified
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CPI 260 Certified


I've been blessed to not only work with the most amazing, incredible hypnotherapy practitioners all over the globe -- but receive a great education, which enables me to

be of service to others. Below is a summary of the education I've received.



BA in Business Administration from Boston University (Concentration in Marketing)


Trained mPeak Coach at University of California at San Diego Mindfulness Center

Trained MBRP Coach at University of California at San Diego Mindfulness Center

Certified in Mindfulness by Mindfulness Certification Training (MCT)



MBTI Certified

STRONG Certified

CPI 260 Certified




Practitioner Diploma in Compassionate Ericksonian Hypnotherapy from The British Research Institute (Graduated with Distinction)

Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accredited Practitioner



Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. 



Usui Reiki Master (Teacher: Claudia Borges)

Holy Fire III Reiki Master ((Teacher: Jaclyn Kalkhurst)

Sechem-Khrem Level 1 Practitioner Teacher: Jaclyn Kalkhurst)


I'm very lucky not only in receiving a great education but also working as a client for years with the following amazing incredible practitioners around the world. Without them -- none of my personal development, progress and the ability to help others through my own hypnotherapy practice in Santa Fe would be possible.

It is with reverence and gratitude that I mention all of the following names.

Marc St. Camille (Power Hypnosis Chicago). -- Chicago, IL

I have done over 300 hypnotherapy sessions with Marc over the years. He remains my biggest inspiration and my largest influence -- along with his sweet dog Lilly.

Julia Beliakova Psychologist -- Moscow, Russia

I've said many years ago that Julia is the greatest psychoanalyst/depth psychologist in the world -- I maintain that sentiment today.

Svetlana Lubianskaya. -- Kyiv, Ukraine

Svetlana is an incredible hypnotherapist, I wouldn't be here without her support, she was there for me in some of the most difficult moments of my life. Amazing woman, amazing professional!

Holly Hart -- Holly Hart Healing Arts -- San Diego, CA 

I've learned so much from Holly, some of the most powerful sessions and skills that I use personally and professionally to this day.

Caroline Lehan -- Healing Tides Hypnotherapy -- Los Angeles, CA

I've learned the power of trusting yourself and that you already know everything you need to know from Caroline -- again, one of the most inspirational people I've known, we've done some of the most incredible hypnotherapy work with Caroline that I will always cherish.

Robin Thorburn -- Exclusive Hypnotherapy. -- Edinburgh, Scotland

Robin is that wise father like mentor and coach, an incredible man, an enormous inspiration and someone I continue to see to this day and hope to visit in Scotland one day!

Stephen Travers Hypnosis -- Dublin, Ireland

Stephen was a joy to work with as my hypnotherapist and later on as a certifying teacher. An incredibly skilled hypnotherapist, a wise and kind man.

Sean Flanagan Hypnotherapy -- Dublin, Ireland

Sean has an amazing ability to conversationally alter any negative self beliefs you have, I cherish having worked with him and return to this day.

Sasha Carrion Hypnosis -- Los Angeles, CA

Sasha is, without a doubt, the greatest direct hypnotherapist I've had the joy of working with over the years. Some of the biggest shifts in my journey were caused by her. An enormous inspiration and a giant of a hypnotherapist with a gift for empathy. 

Claudia Borges Reiki. -- Los Angeles, CA

Claudia is a tremendously kind reiki practitioner who also was my first certifying teacher -- an amazing practitioner, the kindest woman that taught me all the Usui reiki I know.

Madelyn Shepherd Reiki -- Portland, OR

We've had some incredibly powerful sessions with Madelyn, for which I'm forever grateful.

Love Gurus LA -- Los Angeles, CA

The Love Gurus were the first ones that really connected them to my body, they are a tremendous couple with the power to heal. I would not be here without them and their tremendous sessions. Genuine healers.

Dan Stanbury, Growth Hypnosis. -- London, England

Dan is the man for EMDR! No one in the world does EMDR the way Dan does, still visit him for EMDR to this day.

Julie James Hypnosis -- Hove, England

Julie James is one of the best hypnotherapists I've ever worked with, the authoritative powerful voice makes such a difference. I would not be here without her.

April Jay -- Shamanic Healing -- Portland, OR

April has been the most influential healer when it comes to ancestral themes. She helped me uncover and heal so much, I owe a lifetime debt of gratitude to her!

Jesus Peruvian Shaman -- Salt Lake City, UT

Jesus is an incredible Peruvian shaman, teacher and coach -- he helped me in some of the most difficult moments and taught me so much. I am forever grateful.

Jaclyn Kalkhurst -- Los Angeles, CA

Jaclyn is a teacher, a guide, I consider her a great friend -- she had taught me so much about energy work and spirituality and helped me in some of the toughest moments of my life. Grateful forever!

Laura Grace -- Dream Analysis -- CA

I learned so much about dream analysis from Laura, incredible professional who I learned so much from and one of the best dream analysts I've ever worked with!

Sherif Tawfilis -- Shamanic Healing -- Melbourne, Australia

Sherif is an incredible inspiration, teacher, coach, mentor, guide -- one of the most accepting people I've ever worked with. He will forever remain an inspiration for his level of acceptance for himself and others, wisdom, guidance and patience. One off the most incredible practitioners I've ever worked with.

Havva Omerrogulari -- Melbourne, Australia

Havva's energy work is so powerful, she had caused some of the biggest spiritual transformations in my journey, I've learned the power of energy work from Havva.

Soraya -- White Light Reiki -- Los Angeles, CA

Soraya is one of the best, most genuine, kindest reiki practitioners I've ever worked with. Her reiki is pure like a spring somewhere in the mountains. The kindest, most pure, gorgeous human being.

Dr. Katy Jane (Vedic Astrology) -- India

Dr. Katy Jane's astrological readings helped me when I was lost and just beginning my journey. I would not be here without her insights.

Dr. Barry Friedman (Aditya's Vedic Astrology) -- San Francisco, CA

Barry guided me to find my true self, my true journey and mission in life and helped me understand the importance of dreams, karma and destiny. A giant of a man who I'm very lucky to have worked with.

Ashish Dadhich Vedic Astrology -- Bali

Ashish's advice was so helpful to me in finding my path, one of the best astrologers I've ever worked with, a knowledgeable and kind man, a teacher and I consider him a friend.

Brian Green Hypnosis -- Los, Angeles, CA

I've done some great healing work with Brian, he is a jewel of a man and helped me worked through some heavy childhood stuff, loved every minute of my work with him!

Maryanne Rodgers Past Life Regressions -- Los Angeles, CA

My go to past life regressionist -- she is the best in the business. No one does past life regressions like Maryanne. Much reverence and respect to her! Also, one of the most non judgmental people you will ever find.

Joseph Glasier Reich -- Mindful Performance Coach -- San Diego, CA 

Joe has brought to me so much awareness of listening to the client well, paying attention, and asking the right questions, rather than providing immediate solution. His humility, sense of humor, authenticity and compassion inspire me to this day.

Michiko Takatani -- Tantra Teacher -- NYC, NY

Michiko taught me so much about the body and the life force energy -- she is the kindest, most original, unusual soul that has been there for me through thick and thin. Love her and it's such an honor to work with her.

Kathleen Allen -- Meditation Teacher. -- Dallas, TX

Kathleen was the first one who got me deep into mindfulness meditation. An amazing teacher, an inspiration and someone whose every meditation class I would attend. She holds my highest regard at all times!


I guess I will add that now as a hypnotherapist myself working in Santa Fe -- looking over this list gets me quite emotional -- from the UK to Ukraine and to the USA and back. Truly, like the quote goes -- if I could touch the sky -- it was only because I was standing on the shoulders of the giants.

These are the giants. Now it is my humble turn to see how I can be of service as a hypnotherapist. I've noticed and integrated the things I loved about every practitioner I've worked with and developed my own style.

It is my humbled desire and ambition to deliver maximum impact for every client I work with. 

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Get In Touch

If you have any questions -- email me at

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy by Roman | Certified Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach
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