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Go for Joy!

I had this dream back in I think it was July. I'll spare you the details but the general idea was this. A sign on my bathroom mirror that said -- "Do not seek achievement. Seek joy - and achievement will come!:"

Feels good to say that all of this is coming true now. There are other things I love -- I love writing, I love playing my guitar, watching some good boxing, going for a walk, just having a good life.

I love being alive, I so appreciate the opportunity I was given by being alive, being in this body and being on this journey, being privy to so many blessings, so many miracles. So many revelations.

Some of my more somatic oriented friends object to the word "miracle". What is a miracle they say? Isn't this some kind of outdated religious term?

I don't know but I feel like we are a miracle, my life is a miracle -- YOU are a miracle and you are amazing. I'm gaining such a great appreciation for how precious life is.

I had a beautiful session with someone today and -- honestly, it's so humbling and inspiring. I work with the most incredible people and I so, so, so, so so appreciate their kind trust, openness to me.

Sadly, as a client -- I've seen so much in this industry. People wanting to feel powerful at the expense of clients. So sad.

I don't know - whenever I have a session now I know it will go well. Many people don't know this but before I was doing hypnotherapy in Santa Fe I was a business guy -- went to business school my hero was Gordon Gekko back in the day -- hard to believe now!

But I'm really open about who I am -- that's always been my life philosophy. I don't want to be perfect or good, I want to be fully human and accept my humanity and encourage others to do the same.

But I just want to say how amazing, incredible, inspiring, moving it feels when I do a session for somebody and they feel better! To see their eyes at the end of the session and to see this sweet sigh of relief in them. To realize that I'm here for a reason and that despite my plethora of personal failings, problems and issues -- there's been plenty of them -- there's a reason for me to be here, to be useful to others, to help someone.

Frankly, it just feels good that someone needs me, that I can use my life experience and skills and abilities to help someone.

It really is transformational. Some can call it compulsive caretaking, whatever -- when. had a rough day and I bummed out to go out there and have someone come in who is having a hard time and see them leave with a smile on their face -- relieved -- that makes life worth living t me.

Honestly, when I was younger I was so focused on achievement and the empty pursuit for more, I never had time for something better -- for meaning, for truth.

I certainly do now and I must say -- the feeling that I'm doing a good thing, that I'm making a difference in people's lives that all of my pain and my difficult life experiences I'm using to help others -- it really makes life worth living in a way that no achievement and/or financial incentive could.

It really gives me joy. I want to feel joy and I feel that joy every time I talk to someone who wants to feel better, wants to develop or is just having a hard time.

We are in a relationship of equals. We are equals -- always. I'm no saint, make no mistake about that but if you came to me, you trusted me with your journey, I will use every resource I have to help you the best I can.

I'm so humbled and I appreciate so much the trust and vulnerability of the people that came to me, shared their stories with me, opened their hearts to me.

I've been thrown under the bus myself in personal situations so many times. Not a single client gets thrown under the bus. I will do my best to protect your interests and do my best to help you get in optimal shape on your journey -- one hundred percent.

I feel like the part that I was missing before is really coming to place now and that is -- KNOWING I can help, being motivated by the interests of human beings and the nurturing of the values of life and Mother Earth, not self aggrandizement or narcissism or inanimate objects.

I want you to know -- I believe in you, I care for you, I will be there for you for as long as I live.

If you come to me -- I will do my best to give you the very best of what I can, I will give you the healing, integrity, sincerity, honesty -- the best way that I know how.

There were people that were there for me when I needed it, now it's my turn.

I'm humbled by every person who trusts me with their journey. Thank you for your trust. I don't take that lightly. My sincere intent is to make sure that everything I do for you is of the highest, purest, most sincere standard and intention!

Lots of love,


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