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No More Lies!

Like any human being -- I'm full of flaws, contradictions, imperfections. That's the beauty and the horror of being human, being alive in this body.

I think the one thing I proud myself on though -- is authenticity and honesty. That is my central value and I intend to stick to it. Authenticity as a coach, guide, writer, artist, musician, simply a human being.

One of my favorite compliments is not -- "Hey, Roman, you got it all figured out" -- because I don't but "Roman, you are real".

I appreciate that deeply. When I did work with Santa Fe Fire Department -- this came along quite strongly. When I heard from them that I came across as authentic and real -- it's the best compliment -- because I am.

I don't want to be good or perfect or make an impression or impress -- I want to be me. I a enough. I have quite a few talents and quite a few things I'm not so good at. Some days are great, others not so much.

But I really love keeping a level playing field with client and with people and being open about who I am, my journey.

I may not appear as strong as some want to in the age of power worship -- but I don't want to be strong, I want to be real. That includes the ability tom be shy, vulnerable, scared, weak, whatever.

Paradoxicallg, that makes me an authentically stronger man. The more I'm open about my weaknesses, insecurities, vulnerabilities, the more authentically stronger man I become.

I really want to set an example and live the most authentic life and journey I can. I don't want goodness, sainthood, or perfection, no. I want realness, authenticity, and for people to see me exactly as I am at that moment - and encourage others to do the same.

Anytime I hear someone say that I'm as real as it gets --I smile. It's not always pretty but it's always me and this is how I keep growing, being open about my nature, especially the weak/ugly sides, that is how I can grow.

Real, Authentic. Genuine. True. I'd rather be ugly than fake. Paradoxically, the more I accept my ugliness and fears and shadow -- the more authentically beautiful, kind and accepting I become.

Because if I accept my own darkest parts -- how can I judge anybody else's? That helps with acceptance.

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