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Activity is Kicking Up into a New Gear!

I'm happy to announce that my passion and dedication to meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and all things to do with mental healing has kicked up another gear!

I spent a month in Florence, Italy last month going to art school -- it's been a beautiful time. But somehow -- not sure yet how or why -- that trip had quite an impact on me.

I've always had passion for my work but never like this. It's not just a desire to help people, it's like a rocket that kind of pulls you in and you cannot stop it.

So! Great things to come. I know not too many people read this at this point but -- I'm happy to announce I'm facilitating my first in person mindfulness class WITH music, me playing the harmonium, singing, sharing, connecting -- all in the spirit of gratitude, the spirit of mindfulness, the highest vibration!

I am SO thankful for being given this opportunity -- I cannot wait! I was born to do this. I love one on one work but I also am very excited to work with groups and organizations to bring greater awareness, connection, self love, a sense of peace, while still getting important tasks done. Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, mindfulness in Albuquerque -- I love it all! The world is the only map and limitations are -- none.

Love you all! Remember. The divine is in YOU and YOU are AWESOME!

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