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Well, hypnotherapy in Santa Fe -- here we GO!

After taking all the time I needed to work on myself, finally, I'm ready to prioritize clients over my own journey. Not that I'm finished, of course -- we never are.

But after having gone through such a transformational personal journey that involved hypnotherapy, many traditional methods, so many not so traditional ones -- thousands of hours and the endless search for solutions to my own inner problems -- from moving to Santa Fe and realizing that I felt a calling to help others through hypnotherapy -- wow, what an amazing ride it has been. This is becoming the longest run on sentence but whatever, haha!

You look at the list of people I've worked this -- it's like 40 people and these are the people I've done over 8 sessions with. You add others -- it's an endless list.

I've seen it all working as a client -- the good, the bad, the ugly, the very best, the very worst, and everything in between.

As I received my own education as a hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach as well as a reiki practitioner over the last few years -- I realized how much it means for me to BE the kind of support for others that other great men and women were for me when I needed it.

I remember the very best transformational moments of my own journey and people giving hope, positivity, insight, a healthy dose of confidence, self belief or just a nice push when I needed it.

I will be there for you. I will always be there. I believe in you.

As I'm starting to work with my much cherished clients -- I want to give them the very best of everything and I already see how fulfilling and rewarding it is -- it's the happiest job in the world because it's always such a happy feeling when I see a client leave with a sense of relief or a smile on their face.

And even when it didn't really work for them, I rest easy, knowing I've got the skills and I gave it my best every time. Most of all, I love this so much and it means so much to me. People succeeding, pursuing their dreams. I always thought of myself as a failure, even though I was very good at pretending otherwise.

It is my sincere wish to be someone who encourages others, believes in them because, really, I believe you can. There are a million things that I never thought were possible and so many of them came true.

They can for you as well. I'm also a writer, there's a little children's book I did a few years ago named The World is a Miracle. Well, here is a spoiler -- the world IS a miracle and so are all of us. The more we let go off heaviness, hurt and false beliefs -- the more life becomes an amazing exciting journey, full of possibilities. Wake up to the miracle of your life today! I'm here to help in any way I can.

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